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Are there elder care options that allow people to stay at home?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Long-Term Care Planning |

Older adults in Michigan face a variety of medical challenges as they age. Some people experience cognitive decline that makes managing the tasks of daily life more difficult. Others may have physical challenges, ranging from decreased strength to issues with their sense of balance.

Often, older adults may have to plan to move into a nursing home for long-term care when they require support from healthcare professionals on a regular basis. However, it is sometimes feasible for older adults to plan to age in place even if they may face medical challenges as they age.

How can older adults make arrangements to stay in their own homes as they prepare for retirement?

They plan for home health care services

There are professionals ranging from those with housework experience to licensed medical professionals who can provide day-to-day support in someone’s home. Home health care services can range from assisting someone with cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene to administering medications and helping someone monitor their blood pressure.

Home health care services can make aging at home safer for many retired adults. It can quickly become prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, Medicare only offers limited coverage for such support needs. Older adults may need to have plans in place to qualify for Medicaid coverage so that they can receive home health care support later in life.

They improve their living situation

The house where someone lived while their children were still at home may not be the right place for them to live when they retire. They may need to modify the home or move to a better space given their current needs. For example, minimizing the use of stairs can drastically improve someone’s safety when aging in place. Older adults may need to change the faucets and doorknobs or even the light switches in their homes to make them easier to use if someone develops arthritis.

Changing bathrooms to make them more accessible can also help someone prepare for their golden years. A walk-in shower or tub can take some of the risk out of bathing, and grab rails can help people get onto or off of the toilet without assistance. Older adults may also want to consider relocating to someplace closer to their children or arranging to have family members live with them during their golden years.

There can be a lot of practical and legal matters to address when trying to secure long-term care in one’s home. Exploring elder law issues, like long-term care costs, with a skilled legal team can make a big difference for those hoping to stay at home as they age and family members who support older adults.