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Travis Dafoe is a trustworthy local attorney from Frankenmuth, Michigan. To schedule an appointment with us you can call us at 989-341-4966 or you can submit an online form by clicking here.


Travis assisted our non-profit with getting our 501C3 status corrected. We had previously worked under another organization’s status. He made the process very easy and was always willing and able to answer our questions.

– Steven A.

His knowledge amazed me. He knows how to get the job done, and what my best options are. I actually just referred a couple friends his way because I know they will be very satisfied too.

– Mel

Many lawyers I’ve met in the estate planning world look for reasons to use more expensive solutions to their clients’ situations, even when they are not necessary – or even helpful! That’s not Travis. He’s really there to help. I recommend him often.

– Aaron

We had put off having our will/estate planning done for years. Travis left us with a real “easy feeling” with his knowledge and work for us. It was all very affordable. He also made it very easy to understand. We had him review some other documents for us and gave us his valued opinion. Not necessarily what we wanted to hear but important to know. I don’t know why we had put getting our will done, but we are glad that we have and would recommend Travis to anyone looking for legal help in this area.

– James

After my so called “peoples lawyer” law firm (they had case for about 2 years) dumped my employment EEOC case days before my statute of limitations were to expire, Travis was the only lawyer willing to take on a very well funded defendant. Other lawyers I’ve worked with don’t return calls or emails, this was never the case with Travis. He was willing to take a chance and risk when all of the law firms you see advertising in the Metro Detroit area clearly aren’t as dedicated and qualified as Travis and Julie.

– J

Travis helped us set up our will and estate plan. He explained everything in plain language which was appreciated. He made the whole process very easy. He asked relevant questions and listened to what we had to say. I would highly recommend Travis for anything but especially for help with wills and estate plans.

– Chris

Travis is very good knowledgeable in Estate Planning, Probate and Real Estate. I’ve heard him speak several times on the matter and he’s easy to understand. Travis is also someone you can trust to help you along in these matters. What I appreciate most is he is a good listener and finds way to get the information I need to make the best decisions.

 – Hank

He was extremely thorough and an excellent researcher. We were always kept informed of what was happening, why and what to expect. He was an honest, trustworthy person and we felt very comfortable working with him.

– Kristen