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What Makes Dafoe Law different?

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Elder law is a broad term that includes helping people to plan for long-term care, Medicaid, and Medicare. It also includes helping plan for and use health and long-term care insurance. It also assists in playing for health care decisions and encompasses the drafting of trusts and other estate planning documents. It also includes the selection of long-term care providers, retirement housing, assisted living facilities, and skilled-nursing facilities. This list is not exhaustive and begins to illustrate the challenges with really understanding what elder law means when a law office suggests that is their practice area. At Dafoe Law, we practice elder law, and we do everything in this paragraph. But we do more . . .

Saginaw Elder Lawyer

Elder Law

Life Care Planning is a model of law practice that was developed in the 1990’s by Tennessee elder law attorney Timothy L. Takacs. It is a holistic, elder-centered approach to law practice. It includes ongoing support and focuses on maximizing the elder’s quality of life and independence over saving the elder’s money. At Dafoe Law, the lawyer will help to determine what public benefits are available, update or create an estate plan, provide up-to-date powers of attorney, and assist in other legal work that is necessary. We help to determine what living situation is right for you and how to pay for it without bankrupting the elder. At Dafoe Law, PLLC, we have an elder care coordinator on staff.

elder care coordinator

Elder Care Coordinator Courtney Darling

The elder care coordinator visits with our Life Care Planning Clients on a regular basis, maintain the elder’s relationship with the firm, assess quality of care, and serve as the family’s advocate. The elder care coordinator can help to lighten the load of the elder’s family by utilizing their experience and knowledge to help organize and access the proper community resources.

In other words, we do not practice a one-size-fits-all approach to elder law. We approach every client like they are our parent or grandparent. We look at all the options and help the elder and their family determine what is the best fit and how to pay for the care. But, once we are done with the plan, we are not done with the client. We continue our relationship providing guidance, legal advice, and advocacy for our clients. We charge a flat fee that includes an entire year of service. Then if you would like to continue the relationship, we will provide additional years of service.

Dafoe Law, PLLC builds a relationship with our clients as we help them plan for and implement their long-term care plan. Call us today to set up a free consultation where we can explore how life care planning could work for you.

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Dafoe Law, PLLC is a Life Care Planning law firm serving the Estate Planning, long-term care, probate, and trust administration needs of clients in Saginaw, Bay, Genesee, Huron and Tuscola Counties. Dafoe Law serves Frankenmuth, Bridgeport, Birch Run, Reese, Millington, Clio, Vassar, Saginaw, Saginaw Township, Freeland, Thomas Township, Spaulding Township, Burt, Bay City, Essexville, Munger, Kochville Township, Caro, Cass City, Sebewaing, Unionville, Pigeon, Bad Axe. Travis I. Dafoe is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney and WealthCounsel. Dafoe Law, PLLC is also a member of the Life Care Planning Law Firm Association. Start estate plan


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Elder Law

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